Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro has the initial response of 6

We’ve seen the initial response from Google’s newly announced Pixel Watch. For the most part, people seem excited. But what about Google’s newly announced upcoming flagship phone, the Pixel 7 and so on Pixel 7 Pro? While it was easy to find people who weren’t impressed with the Pixel Watch, there weren’t too many innocent people for the Pixel 7 line, especially in our comments section.

Check out some of the responses to our unveiling post.

Of course, this is not all love. Due to problems with the Pixel 6 lineup, some people get tired of quickly jumping into a new Pixel device without waiting for a review. We cannot say that we blame them for this position. Not only that, some people think that even if they want the device, Google Store will find that their dreams have been shattered. I understand that feeling. It hurts.

As consumers, we can only hope that Google has soaked up the response they’ve received in Pixel 6 and is doing a lot of work on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Personally, I would like to see something about in-display fingerprint readers, as they still leave me somewhat desirable in the motion section. Maybe we can talk about some sort of face unlock feature again? It will be cool.

Overall, it’s nice to see such a large spectrum of feedback on these devices. It reminds me of all of us Android Fans, not just fans of a particular OEM. Remember: stay together, not the same.

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