Pixel Watch: We’re getting too close

Google is working on this Pixel Watch. That’s all we know. Such evidence has been available since December last year. At first it was a report based on words from only one source. Then we started looking at the clock face. Then the tools of development indicate its existence. And then it started popping up in the retailer’s inventory. As I said, we know the clock is ticking, it’s just a matter of time When.

Thanks evleaksWe are now guessing when Too early. According to a screenshot shared through her Twitter account, we see a list for Google Pixel Rohan, where a dropdown menu is available for various tutorials covering the device. One of the tutorials is listed as Wear OS 3.1, which we predict will now launch with the Pixel Watch.

Sadly, it looks like Pixel was supposed to have a picture attached to Rohan, but it has been broken or not yet uploaded. evleaks Pull this from. We have high hopes for the design of this watch, it has a premium look much more riding. At least that’s what I’m personally hoping for. Leave fitness-centric devices to fitness companies, I say.

We are getting close people. Google I / O Revealed? This could be a serious possibility at the moment.

// evleaks

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