Rumors of working on OLED displays for Samsung iPad and MacBook

Samsung plans to build a new production line that will be able to produce large OLED displays for Apple’s future iPad or MacBook.

According to a new report by ElekApple is the customer that Samsung aims to sell new displays

The same outlet previously suggested that Apple would launch an iPad Pro with an OLED display by 2024, with Samsung building one of its pre-existing production lines. However, this new report suggests that new production capacity is at play.

Samsung Display will probably build its first Gen 8.5 OLED line with a capacity of 15,000 substrates per month, TheElec has learned.

Apple has so far banned the use of OLEDs in its tablets and Macs, with the latest products jumping to mini-LEDs instead. However, the advantages of OLEDs are obvious – the lack of a backlight means improved power consumption and better contrast, two things that would be beneficial for Apple’s high-end products that can be noticed by photographers and videographers.

Apple’s potential shift to OLED doesn’t mean we won’t see more mini-LED devices. The company is said to be already working on a 27-inch mini-LED product, although it’s not clear if it will be a new iMac or a standalone display like the Pro Display XDR and Studio Display.

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