Samsung is offering $900 off the Galaxy Fold 4

This could be because the Google Pixel Fold is around the corner or maybe Samsung needs to clear inventory before showing off their next foldable, but Galaxy Z Fold 4 is another $900 off. Of course you have to trade in a device to get that discount. Thankfully, there are at least 3 phones bringing in $900 at the moment, plus a bunch of others that are much more expensive than I’d expect at this stage in the Galaxy Fold 4’s life.

Like all of Samsung’s best deals on top phones, this trade-in deal is an instant credit that you’ll see as a discount today if you decide to buy a Fold 4. All you need to do is send the phone to Samsung after you Receive your new Fold 4 and then they will confirm your trade. This is the best trade deal in the business because you get money off today Not down the road as credit on your card.

At $900 off, you’ll pay $900 for Samsung’s best foldable, which normally retails for $1,800.

To get the full $900 off, you can trade-in the following devices from Samsung:

  • $900 discount: Galaxy Fold 3, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • $800 discount: Galaxy Fold 2
  • $750 discount: Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • $700 discount: Galaxy S22+
  • $650 discount: Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flip 3, Galaxy S22
  • $600 discount: Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+

As you can see, Samsung is offering great value for older phones. $900 for the Note 20 Ultra is crazy, as is $600 for the older Note 10 and Note 10+. Even $700 for a Galaxy S22+ is a pretty good deal.

This is a pre-Memorial Day weekend sale, so you have a few days to take advantage before it changes. Trust me, this deal is $900 off if you own one of those select devices.

Be sure to read our Galaxy Fold 4 review if you missed it from last year. We didn’t have many complaints and thought that Samsung basically perfected the experience.

That’s $900 off the Galaxy Fold 4 Link.

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