Samsung will embrace the curve for the new watch

In 2022, we saw Google launch the Pixel Watch with its curved glass design. I tend to compare it to a waterfall, but it doesn’t really matter what we call it. Apple is doing something similar with its Apple Watch. Point being, it is reported that Samsung will do the same thing in 2023 Galaxy Watch 6 Getting a curved glass design.

No stranger to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 featured curved glass. This was back in 2019, so while we’re talking about it, if anyone tries to say that Samsung is copying what others are doing, please tell them to sit down and shut up. No one takes for granted. Beyond the curved glass talk, no other details are being shared, specifically any information regarding a rotating bezel or at least a capacitive bezel. In terms of new designs, it will be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with.

In the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup, both watches feature fully flat glass, so whatever Samsung does, we should expect quite a different design from what we get in 2022. To me this is great, because the smaller Watch 5 was very close to the Watch 4 model anyway. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was hot, but its main downside was the size. It was demonic.

The Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to be announced later this year, along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5.

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