Sony has launched a modified PlayStation Plus in the United States

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Sony announced a redesigned PlayStation Plus program several months ago, and today is the big day in the United States. You can now sign up for Sony’s new three-tier Plus program, unlocking access to hundreds of games. This includes the latest title of the classic PS One game on PlayStation 5. Before the launch, Sony only offered a sample of the included games, but now they are available for you to watch.

The cheapest plan is the PlayStation Plus Essential, which runs at 9.99 per month (or $ 60 for a year). This is what you need in the event that you are not just a huge backup catalog of online multiplayer and games. You’ll also get store discounts and a handful of free games to play on your PlayStation 5 as long as you’re a member.

The next step is where things start to get interesting and this will probably be the most popular plan. The PlayStation Plus Extra adds hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games that you can play on the company’s console. The PS5 can play PS4 or PS5 games, but the PS4 (obviously) can only play PS4 content. Sony promised at least 400 games before its release, and Ars Technica reports that Sony has successfully surpassed that with 460 games. There’s a good number of popular titles, too. This plan increases the monthly fee to $ 14.99 or 100 per year.

If you can afford a little more cash, Sony has PlayStation Plus premium levels. This plan gets all the games from Essential and Extra level, also it gets game trial, cloud streaming and classic catalog. These games (hundreds of them) are PS3 and earlier, and they stream directly from the cloud to your console – you can’t install them on your console. It adds a total of more than 800 games at the premium level

Sony says the PS5 is the preferred way to play cyberpunk. Good luck finding one.

Importantly, premium PCs support streaming. So, you can play supported games without PlayStation console. However, high-end modern games from the main catalog are not stream-ready, as opposed to Microsoft Game Pass where some new titles are supported for cloud gaming on other devices. The premium level price is $ 17.99 per month or $ 120 for one year.

To get the most out of Sony’s new Plus offers, you’ll need a PS5, but it’s still easy to do. The machine has been sold to all major retailers, and new stock is not long lasting. If you’re desperate, resellers are offering them hundreds of dollars for retail, but Sony has promised to increase its production in the coming quarters.

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