Sweet new stats page available on ‘Now Playing’ Pixel phones

Google Pixel features running now A very simple thing, automatically recognizes songs in the background and displays that information on your lockscreen. Also, you can check the play history now, in case you want to revisit that tune later. This week, we’re learning that Now Playing will soon get even sweeter features.

Thanks to these people 9to5Google, it’s now known that we can soon expect a dedicated stats page for Now Playing, which will contain a bunch of information about the songs we listen to on our Pixel phones. On the page, genres will now be displayed with a handy dandy chart for your viewing pleasure, and in addition, a list of the most played songs and artists will also be available.

Below this list and chart, a small graph depicting when you typically listen to music around you will also be included. It’s not necessarily game-changing information, but still neat.

There’s no telling when this feature will officially launch, but considering all of this information and the fact that some crafty people have managed to get the UI working, we must be relatively close. Maybe the next pixel drop feature? Android 14 public release? All are good possibilities.

// 9to5Google

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