T-Mobile brings back Google Photos Unlimited storage

We’ve been away from Google for almost a year now and we’ve taken away all the unlimited storage we’ve enjoyed in Google Photos and still remember that day. Fortunately, I have good news for some of you who want to get back to the privilege of Google Photos. All you need to do is stay on T-Mobile and sign up for their new and exclusive Google One plan.

T-Mobile today announced a new Google One layer that is exclusive to T-Mobile customers. It’s coming soon and will include 2TB of Google One cloud storage for 15 / month, but above 2TB, customers will get unlimited storage for photos and videos in Google Photos.

Oh, I should mention that this Full resolution Level backups, too, are low-resolution things, not slim-down. T-Mobile specifically states that you can “save unlimited photos and videos in full resolution.” That’s a heck of a wild and an added bonus.

T-Mobile has just listed this new plan as “Coming Soon”, so we’ll have to update you as soon as it’s live. Although $ 15 / month is not cheap, if you have already paid close to the Google One plan and use T-Mobile, I think you have found a great reason to opt for this exclusive option.

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