Telegram’s 10 new features are its best in a while

To celebrate the end of 2022, Telegram rolled out a big update today, packed with new features, including ways to add spoiler covers, more storage settings control, new drawing and text tools, customizable profile pictures for contacts, and more.

The big update is already live as v9.3.0, which is one of the things we love about Telegram. When they announce an update with new features, they give it to everyone right away, unlike the creators of this Android platform, who slowly roll out features over months and hope the world digs into an APK file to discover them. We love you, Telegram.

OK, so the new Telegram feature – here’s some good stuff.

Telegram 9-3-0

secret media A new setting that lets you choose the “hide with spoiler” option when sending videos or photos in a chat. This will add a shimmering layer that will hopefully blur the content below no Content spoiling.

For storage control, Telegram added separate auto-removal settings for cached media from private chats, groups, and channels, with special exceptions for specific chats. There’s also a new pie chart to help visualize the storage it takes up, with dedicated tabs for media, files and music. And for those who haven’t realized it, Telegram has auto-remove settings and other storage controls.

You can find Storage Control in Settings>Data & Storage>Storage Usage.

Telegram 9-3-0

In the drawing section, Telegram added automatic smoothing of your lines, a new blur tool, an eyedropper for color selection, and “5 highly-accurate ways to choose colors.” For text on images, you can now change the size, font, and background, plus everyone (not just premium users) can add custom animated emoji.

Don’t like friend’s profile picture? In this new update you can choose whatever you want for contact profile picture. Only you will see it, so have fun with it. Oddly enough, you can suggest your chosen image to the user and they can then set it.

Public profile pictures can now be customized as well, so if you don’t want anyone to see your picture, you can set it You can customize one picture for your contacts to see and another picture for the public to see

Telegram 9-3-0

Other Telegram 9.3 Features:

  • Want to run large Telegram groups and hide members? You can do it now. If your group is 100+ people, admin can hide member list.
  • Android users get new progress animations When moving around in conversation.
  • Contains 10 new animated emoji packs To play along.
  • Topics are now available for all group sizes.

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