Tesla claims it will begin production of its Optimus Humanoid robot next year

Tesla’s Elon Musk says the company could start building its Optimus Humanoid robot by next year. This is despite the fact that the company is years behind schedule to be able to build its Tesla Roadster or Tesla Cybertruck electric car.

The revelation came during a Tesla cyber radio event yesterday, Musk said the company has “Hopefully a shot of being in production for version 1 of Optimus next year.”

He then said that the robot would be designed to do things that humans do not want to do.

It will improve our perception of what economics is … it will basically be able to do something that people don’t want to do. It will do it. It is going to bring an age of abundance. It may be hard to imagine, but as you watch Optimus evolve, and we make sure it’s safe, no Terminator stuff, it will transform the world to a greater degree than cars.

Of course, whether Tesla will be able to make this claim or not, we will have to wait for the future to know the answer. This seems highly unlikely, though, especially due to Tesla’s disability it can’t meet almost any of the deadlines it has set itself in the past.

This is an ambitious project and giving it an ambitious timeline does not mean that the mask will unfortunately be able to keep it in existence.

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