Tesla has made its home chargers cheaper but still won’t give you one with your car

Tesla has slashed the prices of its home chargers following a response to the news that it is no longer shipping them with new vehicles.

The move to remove the charger from the new car caused a lot of controversy online, with CEO Elon Musk claiming that the number of charger users was low.

That doesn’t seem to have helped the reaction, but Tesla has now slashed the price of the charger to $ 200 Electric. Wall connectors are now selling for 400 400.

Tesla already had some of the best prices in the industry for home charging stations, but these prices are particularly impressive, especially for anything from a 48-amp for wall connector and usually starting at at least $ 600 with a Wifi connection.

However, anyone who wants to order a $ 200 charger is going to find themselves out of luck. The charger has been out of stock for some time and the stock situation does not seem to be improving anytime soon. One of the many shortcomings that affects Tesla at the moment is that anyone who buys a car from the company can wait up to a year, depending on the car and the configuration they choose.

But Tesla is not alone here. Many car manufacturers are also struggling to make cars faster due to ongoing supply issues related to parts including semiconductors.

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