Tesla has pulled an Apple, but bundles no more chargers with your car, despite being recent.

Tesla has decided to remove the charging cable that comes with all its vehicles, which means that anyone who buys one now has to pay $ 400 for a Level 2 charger or $ 275 for a Level 1 charger.

The move, which has already garnered considerable response from Tesla buyers, means those who want to be able to charge their Tesla through a simple plug socket will now have to buy extra kits.

What’s more, those who already have a new Tesla processing order will not receive the charger, even though it was part of the specification at the time of purchase.

Tesla has already slashed the price of its mobile charging cable by $ 75, but it doesn’t come in handy when the cable seems to be out of stock forever. Why the change has been made, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said through Twitter That cable usage was low, suggests it wasn’t necessary. The response suggests that it is not a complete representation of human emotion.

“Usage statistics were very low, so it seemed a waste. (Minor) On the plus side, we’ll include more plug-in adapters with the mobile connector kit.”

As Electric Notably, this is not the first time an EV has been sent without such a charger. But this is the first time any company has lagged behind the previous sales model.

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