Tesla hints at new at-home EV wireless charging technology

Arguably the biggest inconvenience of owning an electric car is having to plug it in to charge it all the time. Now, Tesla seems to have teased that it may have a plan to deal with this annoyance – a wireless charger.

Tesla held its annual investor day this week, and one of the slides shown during a presentation about charging by global charging infrastructure head Rebecca Tinucci suggested something new was on the horizon.

The slide shows the Tesla Diner, a project already under construction in California. It’s meant to be a Tesla-powered diner reminiscent of a bygone era, with movies and more.

But the second half of the slide shows the Tesla parked on top of a wireless charging pad. Little seems to be said about it, but it’s clear that it appears to be some sort of wireless charging pad.

Wireless charging is already something we take for granted in phones and earbuds, but cars are a different matter entirely due to the size of the batteries involved.

We can expect a lot of heat to be generated during charging Electric Note that some companies are already known to be working on such technology. Could Tesla join?

Everyone who was tired of plugging their car into a charger when they got home would hope so.

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