Thanks Samsung, this $ 100 bonus credit is beautiful

You have to wonder how long Samsung has been planning to continue this, but for now, Samsung has sweetened the deal it will get on its new Galaxy S22 line. On top of the inflated trade-in values ​​we prefer, they now offer bonus credits of up to 100 for accessory costs.

If you visit a Samsung store and buy a Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S22 +, you will see a 100 bonus credit for applying for all kinds of products. The Galaxy S22 gets a $ 50 credit.

Some of these accessories are already on sale, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. When buying a Galaxy S22 device, Samsung is offering a 105 discount to start with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, so applying the $ 100 credit will get you a new phone and a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for $ 144. The Galaxy Watch 4 is priced at as low as $ 75.

There are also other accessories bundles, as well as direct discounts on Galaxy Buds products, cases, chargers and more. Below is a preview of some of those deals

Samsung Accessory Deal

As I mentioned above, Samsung is still doing their trade-in thing. If you own Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung will give you ছাড় 850 discount for Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S22 + Today. With that instant discount, a Galaxy S22 Ultra costs about $ 350. We’ve already talked a lot about Samsung’s trade-in program, so if you have any questions, check out this post.

In short, Samsung is still offering insane trade-in prices with bonus credits of up to $ 100 today, which brings already-discounted items like the Galaxy Watch 4 below $ 100. This is a good day to buy a new phone from Samsung.

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