The attraction of Xbox game passes is declining due to the lack of big name titles

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Microsoft’s Xbox game pass service is dangerously approaching “Netflix for games” which we have always wanted. The service has been generating some large subscription numbers lately, but according to Kotaku, increasing competition and a lack of new AAA games could see customers elsewhere. Several gaming reporters have shared their decision to cancel the game pass on Twitter, and the answers are largely in agreement.

Game passes are available starting at $ 10 per month if you only want PC or console access. The $ 15 monthly plan includes both, as well as access to cloud streaming for selected titles. It lets you play game pass titles on low-power laptops, tablets and even phones. Microsoft advertises over 100 games and adds more. While there’s nothing wrong with rafting indie titles or AAA games from a few years ago, one of the major draws is one-day access to all Xbox game studio titles. If you don’t play at least a few AAA games each year, subscription costs don’t make sense.

Recently, Microsoft’s newly acquired Bethesda subsidiary announced that it would be delaying space RPG Starfield and vampire shooter Redfall. Both were due to arrive this year, and as part of the Xbox Game Studio family, they will be added to the Game Pass immediately. Now, these games aren’t expected until the first half of 2023, which makes the rest of Microsoft’s 2022 calendar much more isolated.

This puzzles gamers — modern console games retail at $ 60 at launch, and many indie titles that meet the game pass are even cheaper. Anyone subscribing to GamePass to gain access to the latest and greatest Microsoft exclusives will need to see how much service they are actually using. Some have publicly stated their intention to give their game pass membership a break

Previously, Microsoft hit 25 million subscribers. But will everything be there? Some attempts to enter the gaming space have fallen flat (looking at you, Stadia), but competition for Microsoft is growing. Ready to launch a refined version of Sony PS Plus. While the service will not include first-day releases of first-party content, it has hundreds of titles from PS4, PS5, and the titles are going back to PS One. With major releases like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, Microsoft has only reached those number of subscribers. If it doesn’t keep pace, the game pass may not be the runaway success shown last year.

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