The latest Airtag firmware update changes unwanted tracking word for ease

Apple recently updated the firmware on its AirTag item trackers and it has now been found that the update adds a change that changes how unwanted tracking sounds work.

In a new support document marked by MacRumorsThe new change makes the word easier to hear, so people can quickly identify an unknown tag.

Although little information has been provided about the new update, we know that the audible sound has changed.

AirTag Firmware Update 1.0.301

Tune in to an unwanted tracking word to easily detect an unknown AirTag.

This is definitely good news because it helps people identify an AirTag that can be used to track them unknowingly. Apple’s item trackers have received a lot of bad press for the way they can be used to stop people, and Apple is going to change this to try and avoid it being a problem. While this update won’t fix things completely, it does mean at least that those who have an unwanted AirTag will now be able to detect it more easily.

Apple’s item trackers are among the best in their intended use, but those capabilities make them especially useful for those who want to track larger items, such as cars.

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