The new Google Messages update clears your mess

In early March, Google announced a large batch of new features for Google Messages, not all of which were actually scheduled for arrival. We were told to look forward to them “in the coming weeks” in classic Google fashion. Today, at least one of them should roll out massively through beta tracks.

The feature I’m talking about is for those who like the neat messaging experience. Google describes it as an “organized inbox” that brings up 3 tabs in messages: All, Personal and Business. Once you receive this update (Build 20220406_05_RC00), your Google Messages app will tell you about new categories after you first open them.

It explains that “the app sorts your messages based on the sender’s information and the secure message content on your device.” For me, this means that a text written by a real person ends in “Personal”, while all the text I receive from my bank or career or as a one-time passcode ends in “Business”.

Don’t want to setup your message with these new categories? You can close the Organized Inbox by heading to Message Settings> Messages, and then turn off the “View Messages by Category” toggle. In that settings area, you can also set a default section, if you want to see the private every time you open the app.

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Again, this update seems to be running through the beta program for Google Messages. If you don’t have it or don’t have it in beta, click the link below from your phone and find the sign-up button in the list.

Google Play Link: Google Messages

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