The new U.S. government investigation will look at sideloading and web apps on iOS

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has announced a new investigation into the way mobile app ecosystems work, with iOS set as one of the main targets.

The investigation is now examining how competition in the App Store world works on mobile platforms, prompted by a White House executive order last year to promote competition in the American economy, the report said. MacRumors. The whole thing is designed to find ways to improve the competition around how apps are installed on mobile devices.

A portion of the executive order states:

The American information technology sector has long been an engine of innovation and growth, but today a small number of influential Internet platforms use their power to exclude market entrants, to monopolize profits, and to collect intimate personal information that they can use for themselves. Advantage. Many small businesses across the economy rely on this platform and a few online marketplaces for their survival …

The request for comment regarding the investigation makes it clear that iOS will be a focus. Comments will be requested on how apps can be installed on devices including sideloading, and the functionality of web apps will be reviewed.

Apple has been testing itself around the world, mainly thanks to the way developers and users are stuck on the way to getting apps on iPhones and iPads. All apps must go through the App Store, something that ensures that Apple cuts its sales. Unlike Android, iOS currently does not allow any kind of sideloading.

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