The new Verizon Unlimited plan is said to ditch freebies like Disney+

We’re introducing new Go5G plans from T-Mobile in just a few weeks, and now Verizon is on the verge of doing the same. Several reports, including several confirmations via Reddit, suggest that Verizon will announce two new unlimited plans next week.

The new plans will reportedly come under a new “myPlan” identity with options Unlimited welcome And Unlimited Plus. These reports also suggest that they will replace all of the current Verizon Unlimited plans Unlimited Welcome is actually a current option and is the most basic of Verizon’s unlimited plans, so it might just stick around, while Unlimited Plus will be completely new.

As for the plan features, here’s a breakdown of each before we get into the “MyPlan” part of it:

  • Unlimited welcome: Unlimited 5G data, 480p streaming, no hotspots, $65/month single line
  • Unlimited Plus: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband data, 720p streaming, 30GB hotspot, 3-year price guarantee, “Premium Device Offer,” $80/month single line

The current Unlimited Welcome plan starts at $65 for a single line. The $80 Unlimited Plus Play More and Do More price match Everyone should see discounts as you add more lines, just like we’ve seen Verizon do for years.

Now, the idea behind the “MyPlan” branding for these two plans is that Verizon will let you choose yours Custom plan benefits to add. As you probably know, the current line-ups of Verizon unlimited plans come with various freebies like the Disney+ bundle or Apple Music or Apple Arcade. For these new myPlan offerings, those freebies may go away in favor of being able to add as many add-ons as possible at $10/month each.

An example is you pay $10/mo for the Disney+ bundle you currently get for free or $10/mo for the Apple One or another $10/mo for the Walmart+ membership. You can see in a training image below what this might look like and what some of the benefits will be All features will cost $10/month and include a note about how much a customer can save per month by going this route.

Verizon myPlan Perks

For those of you doing some math in your mind, yes, these seem like bad plan offers. As I mentioned above, the new Unlimited Plus plan will cost the same as Play More, but Play More includes the Disney+ bundle and Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Together they are a bonus to your $20/month plan For this new Unlimited Plus plan, you’ll pay that extra $20/month, bringing your bill to $100/month. Of course, you get the flexibility here to pick and choose what you like and still save, assuming it wasn’t part of your plan earlier. However, charging people for previously free items now is always a bad idea.

If you are currently on a 5G unlimited plan such as Get More or Play More or Do More, you will now be able to keep your plan. Verizon usually lets you stick with whatever plan you have for a while before trying something new. So don’t freak out just yet. These new plans will likely be promoted to new customers starting out or to those upgrading.

Since I haven’t seen any detailed training, I wonder what Verizon is thinking here. I can see them charging $10/month for each add-on with the Unlimited Welcome Plan, since it’s bare bones and meant to be a starter plan. They should really consider giving 1-2 free features in Unlimited Plus plan, otherwise this plan should not be preferred by many. As such, you should immediately run to T-Mobile, paying less and getting a handful of free services as part of your plan.

These new plans may arrive before Monday, May 15 If they do, we’ll be sure to fill in some answers to our questions

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