The Pixel 7a looks good in Coral

Once the Google Pixel 7a is announced, you’ll probably be like, “Oops, it hasn’t been announced yet?” And you say that because you know the price, the specs, and what it looks like. You’ll even get to know all 4 colors that Google plans to offer it in, thanks to another leak

You’ve already seen the Pixel 7a in Obsidian (black/grey), Chalk (cotton/white), and “Arctic Blue,” but you’ve yet to see it in a rumored coral color. Well, my friends, here it is.

Sending something to the post office by someone @evleaks And then shared on reddit, we see the final color of the Pixel 7a. excellent

Rumors surrounding this particular color are that it might be exclusive to the Google Store. So while Best Buy will sell the other three colors, if you want a Pixel 7a in coral, you’ll have to go straight to the source.

Last time we saw a phone this Coral, probably the Pixel 4 was. The Pixel 4, in retrospect, was one of the best Pixel devices in my opinion. It failed miserably because the smaller version had a 5-hour battery life and the large forehead used for face unlock was awkwardly implemented. But man, it was such a clean design. The Pixel 6 camera is also in the Coral-ish variant, but this 7a is on another level.

Are you going to Pixel 7a in Coral on something else?

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