The Urtopia smart e-bike is definitely a way to spend 2800

There are many ways that a person can spend 2,800. For young professionals who travel relatively short distances, you might be thinking of spending that money on something new. Urtopia carbon e-bike, A smart electronic bike with rear hub motor, carbon everything, LED dot-matrix display, haptic feedback and even a built-in fingerprint reader. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It is actually quite chic and modern.

While touring my small country town, I received a lot of praise for the aesthetics of the bike, which I was pleasantly surprised to see. Around these parts, you are either rolling coal or the traitors of this beautiful nation of ours. Putting toxic patriotism aside, the frame of the bike is quite different from a traditional bicycle, basically with all the main components (frame, fork, handlebars, seatposts) made from carbon fiber. This helps to keep the weight of the bike at just 30 pounds, allowing almost anyone to climb the stairs if needed.

Create it, activate it, run it

After getting the bike, I had to make it, which is very common if you order a bike and don’t pre-make it from a store like REI or special bike shop. I will admit, I was rather informed by it because I have less experience building bikes and I hate working on my Cannondale Mountain bike, but fortunately, there was a great video guide for the installation and set up of Urtopia. About 30 minutes later I was ready to ride, but then I was reminded that this is a smart bike and before you can use it, you need to download the Urtopia app and activate the bike. Spending about $ 3K on something including software became problematic in my mind. For that price, there has to be amazing support from the company, but due to its Indiegogo background, there is no track record to ensure we see super long term support.

For activation and set up, I had to use my wife’s work iPad because none of us have an iPhone and the Urtopia Android app was not yet in development. It is now available, available for download on Google Play For 95% of my time with bikes, I didn’t have a companion app to go with the experience due to unavailability. It wasn’t a big deal, but the app did allow riders to tap and set up A lot Features offered by this bike, such as antitheft, GPS tracking and movement alert. Since I haven’t been able to use any of it, I’ve been focusing on battery life and actual ride quality for the two weeks I’ve used the bike.

Now that I have access to the Android app and bike at the same time, I can go over my ride log, see how much CO2 I’m not pumping in the air, much more.

So many features

Although I haven’t been able to use them all, it would be foolish for me not to discuss them, because they are important in the context of what makes this bike so great – and expensive. Both the front and rear wheels have hydraulic disc brakes, an AI-powered voice assistant for all the features of the bike, a customizable horn beep, an incredible advanced rear early-indication system (ARES) that uses a mmWave radar for warning. Car rider, projection lights for turn signals, gyroscopes, accelerometers, antitheft and fingerprint scanners for startups, a speaker for audible feedback and a Haptix system. It’s basically a Tesla that has two wheels, thanks to an over-the-air system update capable of getting new features at any time.

Charge it, run it, repeat

Urtopia is equipped with a removable Samsung-made lithium ion battery, rated 360Wh. According to Urtopia’s documentation, the battery can charge quickly in just 2.5 hours, providing a helpful pedaling range of 30-80 miles depending on which motor speed you use. There are five modes (aka gears) to choose from, which are accessible via a D-pad to the left of the handlebars (smartbar). There is 0, which is a fixed setup and 100% powered by the rider, gears 1 to 3, and then a slightly hidden turbo mode that is accessed by long pressing the up button on the D-pad. As you would expect, the more power you draw from the motor, the faster your battery will drain.

On my test, I would go to my gym across town, which is 2.7 miles away. I do most of my riding gear in 3, because I like to go fast and paddle very lightly. The bike will help you speed up until you hit 25 miles per hour (mph) and then the motor no longer supports. I was able to go to the gym 3 times on average and go back home, then I had to charge the battery. It averages 16.2 miles, which is a little over half of the Urtopia ads. My route is also relatively flat, so either the battery needs to be broken further or it’s not as good as advertised.

Ride quality, hardware

Overall the ride quality is excellent, but if you’re coming from another bike with a little more cushion, you’ll feel every push on the road. After riding Urtopia, my back was feeling every little crack and push, because there is no dedicated shock system. This is typical for a commuter bike, and the rigidity of the frame and parts helps you feel safe, you will feel it. Urtopia emphasizes that the bike is designed with the urban rider in mind and not for trails or gravel, so please adhere to its intended purpose. In the case of the motor and its integrated torque sensor, it is exceptionally smooth. I’ve never ridden an e-bike before, so the first time you feel a motor kick in and help paddle, it was quite a thrill. Urtopia has also teased automatic speed adaptation in future software upgrades.

As far as service and repairs are concerned, I’m afraid that if something goes wrong with anything other than the tires, it’s probably a shipping process that will happen. This happens when you have a bike with an LED dot-matrix display, a fingerprint scanner, a voice-activated front headlight and a turn signal and a carbon drive belt. In other words, Urtopia gives carbon belts a rating of 30,000 km or at least 5-7 years of normal use. Not bad, the company offers a warranty for a good belt for two years. If something happens to the belt due to normal use, they will replace it.


For the price, all you get is bikes and batteries. Urtopia has an accessory store where you can buy a kickstand for $ 29, a water bottle cage for $ 39, a mudguard for $ 99, an extra comfortable seat for $ 59, eSIM service for bikes (it supports 4G connectivity), as well as $ 399- You can buy a backup battery A pop.

Will you buy one?

If I am a Google software engineer and my home is not too far from campus, for sure, this bike is a great option for getting to and from work. Even for my life, it’s a really great way to get around a small town. Designed for those urban commuters, it is packed with many anti-theft and safety options that make it clear that manufacturers think a lot about what the bike needs to have when shipping. In addition, we know they can get things done, with Indiegogo raising about $ 3.5 million from just 1,354 supporters. Even after successful financing many products do not see the light of day, but Urtopia seems to be highly active and influential and in tune with the sports personality. This is a good thing to see from such a lifestyle / fitness / technology product. Even Tracy McGrady is selling these things. That’s very good.

I let a few of my friends try Eurotopia, as well as my wife. Everyone really enjoys running it and get a kick out of all the smart features. But then I mention the price tag. It’s at $ 2799. You can get a lot for this kind of money including an amazing road bike for travel. However, if you like technology and are one of those early adopters who are always up to date ThingsIt’s hard to deny that Urtopia looks and feels fantastic.

For additional details and information, please visit Urtopia’s website.

Buy Urtopia

Thanks to Urtopia for providing us an e-bike for the purpose of this review.

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