This is going to be a pixel watch for me

The Google Pixel Watch (of course) is going to be a must-have item in the vicinity of the DL office, Google and everyone’s first smartwatch. Even if we don’t know all the details surrounding its specs and features and price, it is definitely a device we need. But now, after a leak today from Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 line-up, the Pixel Watch looks like the last hope of excitement in 2022.

Let’s talk about what we know is coming in 2022.

We know that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are coming and what they look like. There will be improvements (like Tensor 2), but let’s be honest, what we’ve seen so far is that the Pixel 6 is off like a minor upgrade on the line. We know that Samsung may release a Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 next week, also with a slight improvement over the previous generation. We’re sure OnePlus is going to offer an awkward upgrade to the OnePlus 10T. We know that Nothing Phone (1) is not coming here. We know that OSOM has sold their soul into the sketchy world of crypto.

2022 looks like a mid-range year for phones. And if not a bust, because the quality of the device should be high, then it looks at least like a snoozey one. Needless to say, most of the devices I mentioned above will not be able to upgrade or upgrade depending on your current device, it’s just that it won’t be a year for new ones-ness.

So as soon as the phone takes shape in that fashion, we move on to wearable things and that’s where the Pixel Watch vs. Galaxy Watch 5 comes into play.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Pixel Watch is the obvious choice for me. Not just because it’s Google’s first smartwatch, but because Samsung’s watch line-up is like a phone that everyone is going to reveal – nothing new.

The Samsung guy is going to show up now and say, “The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is brand new, you’re stupid!” And yes, man, it is. Have you seen it though? That deep dish donkey design looks thicker than a foot and with a battery we hope to create a case that looks silly on everyone’s wrist whose name is not Dwayne Johnson? And the regular Galaxy Watch 5 is a simple copy of the Galaxy Watch 4, a fine line of watch, but we’ve already seen that. What am I excited about here, a skin temperature sensor?

Pair the already-played design with Samsung meh One UI Watch software and I will pass. Please give me the pixel watch.

The Pixel Watch is a new tech in a smartwatch design that, as clear as it is, has its rolling crown at its curved bottom and top, and that domed glass with a stainless back. Google has managed to create a smartwatch that looks like a watch, not just another piece of wearable technology. The size of the case seems to be for the average person’s wrist, it’s thin, we’ve been told it will run a “new Wear OS experience” and there will be deep integration of that Fitbit. It should quickly connect to your phone and fit perfectly into the Google Pixel ecosystem, which I enjoy from others.

There are some concerns about the older Exynos 9110 chipset that Google has chosen to use, but if another rumor of Google customizing the experience by adding a co-processor is true, it will provide a better experience than Qualcomm’s 4100 line. We also know that Google is working on this thing Forever And then the expectation is that it will be dialed at launch, as opposed to their annual phone release.

Am I a bit of a fanboy out there and left like a spoiled tech brat? You sell. But I still like to be excited about new products and the Pixel Watch is our last hope, the OB-One.

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