This is the Galaxy Z Flip 4

August is just a few weeks away and thus the official countdown to the next big Samsung Unpacked event, where we expect to see the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Thanks to the leaked images, we get a clear profile look of the Flip 4 in a beautiful purple color.

comes from the picture 91 mobiles And show “Next Galaxy” from Samsung. If you’ve already scrolled down to see the device and come back wondering what’s new, well, let me tell you more.

Let’s talk about what we see in this Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

First, we weren’t envisioning a scenario where Samsung dramatically changed the Flip 3 from the Flip 4. Previously released CAD renders of the Flip 4 showed a familiar device that should feature internal improvements, possibly an improved hinge system, and that’s about it. .

In the Flip 3 to Flip 4 comparison below, you’ll be able to pick out a few changes. Buttons, for one, look bigger or clickier or more pronounced, something. This could be because the device has a flatter overall wall on the side, or you know, the light. The camera hump is also more noticeable, and perhaps that hinge has indeed been tweaked.

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Regardless of the minor changes, this is more than likely going to be another excellent foldable. Samsung is very good at this foldable thing and I see nothing but polish and improvement here.

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