This wireless magSafe battery pack works for iPhone 12/13 and looks exactly like it

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is a great way to charge your iPhone 12 or newer device without the need for complicated wiring. The main problem with Apple’s chargers, as is often the case, is the price.

But what if you get something almost identical when you pay a fraction of that price?

At the moment, we are in exactly that situation The wireless magnetic battery pack is so similar to the Apple MagSafe battery that it is difficult to distinguish between the two. More importantly, you pay only a fraction of the price. Enter special discount code HOL2021 Check out, and the price gets even better, as part of that Special Promotion For a limited time.

The Wireless Magnetic Battery Pack usually sells for around $ 69, but anyone who enters our special discount code will pay a fraction – a huge 20% savings in the process. This type of sale you do not want to miss.

Features include:

  • Like Apple, iOS supports software integration in the Battery Widget and MagSafe Animation.
  • Same 5W wireless charging speed as Apple.
  • Features the same 5,000mAh battery as the Apple version.
  • Works with cases as long as they have magnetic properties.
  • Fast 18W fast PD wired charging using Lightning.
  • The power bank itself is charged using a built-in Lightning port like Apple’s version.

This deal can’t last very long so make sure to get those orders now If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 device, this is the battery pack for you!

Buy: Wireless Magnetic Battery Pack: কোড 55 with code HOL2021 At check out | Regular Price 70 | Apple Price: $ 99

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