Trade in your Pixel 6 to get a Pixel 7 for $20

Imagine you own a Pixel 6 and have spent the last year dealing with its quirks and many flaws, but still enjoying its company. you ok With the Pixel 6 because it works pretty well, even if that modem has to be rebooted regularly. What if I told you that you could trade it in for a new and improved phone of the year? You can do it through the Google Store.

Since Google is running its holiday pricing on the Pixel 7, the price is currently $499, thanks to a $100 discount. That’s for the 128GB model – the 256GB model is also $599 down by $100. Where the $20 price comes in is the trade-in value Google is currently offering for the Pixel 6. If you have a Pixel 6 with 128GB of storage in working or “good” condition, they’ll give you $479. Get out your calculator to check my math, but yeah, I think it checks out.

“But Kelen, is it really worth it?” Yes. That’s it. The Pixel 7 is probably the best phone for most people today for its performance, camera, size/design and price. It was already priced at $599, but with a $100 discount this holiday shopping week, it’s an absolute steal.

From a Pixel 6 you get a better processor (and modem), better overall design and better main camera. Sure, it’s not a huge jump from the Pixel 6 to the Pixel 7, but it should give you a better overall experience for just $20 if Google finally processes your trade-in.

To get the Pixel 7 for $20, you go to the Google Store, choose a color (pictured here is lemongrass), then 128GB of storage (or 256GB if you want to spend more), then the unlocked model, and then walk away. . Trade-in section. When you choose Pixel 6 in this section and fill in the remaining boxes for your specific model, Google will show you an estimated price of $479.

To be clear, you’d pay $499 for a Pixel 7 today. Then, Google will send you a trade-in kit to return your Pixel 6 (maybe take a video of it). Once they receive it and process it, assuming your phone is the size you said it would be, you’ll get $479 back for the card you bought your Pixel 7 with.

If you have a Pixel 6 in your hands right now, that’s great.

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