Twitch raises prices on its ad-free Turbo plan

Regular viewers of Twitch should know about Twitch Turbo. Twitch’s subscription plan that lets you enjoy all ad-free streams is just as important to life’s happiness as YouTube Premium. And because of that importance, Twitch will pay you more for it.

Announced today, Twitch said that Twitch Turbo will see price increases in most locations and is notifying customers. As a customer myself, I actually received an email alerting me of the upcoming increase, but saying I would have to enjoy a few more months of the original price before paying anything more.

For the US, Twitch Turbo is increasing from $8.99 to $11.99 per month. In Canada, the price jumps up to $13.99. To see the full list of price changes, if you’re elsewhere and want to read Droid Life, you’ll find them in this help article.

Due to the price change, Twitch is telling all customers that they must “Renew My Turbo” by subscribing again. That said, they are giving some customers at least three more months to enjoy the old price before the new price kicks in. For me, it’s an extension worth $8.99 until August. Once September hits, I have to renew.

Not sure what Twitch Turbo is or why you need it? Well, if you don’t watch a lot of Twitch, you don’t need it. However, if you use the various live streams on the platform, I can tell you first hand that this is a must – the amount of ads that have flooded the platform over the past year is kind of wild.

With Twitch Turbo, you get the following benefits, according to the Turbo Overview FAQ:

  • Ad-free viewing across Twitch – Watch your favorite streamers without videos or banner ads except as part of channel sponsorship You can still see streamer-enabled promotions on channels and Twitch-promoted content on non-channel pages.
  • Expanded emoticon set – Choose from 2 additional sets of emoticons. Glitch or monkey; (You can always change it later).
  • Custom chat username colors – Stand out in chat with a custom username color.
  • Chat badge – Proudly represent Turbo with an exclusive chat badge.
  • Expanded storage – Save your past broadcasts on Twitch for 60 days instead of the standard one 7 days*.

Check out that email here:

Twitch Turbo price increase


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