Ubisoft stops developing Ghost Recon breakpoint, promises NFT in future

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Although surveys suggest that most game developers are reluctant to integrate NFTs into their games, some of the biggest devs are going overboard with crypto. Ubisoft announced its first NFT drop at the Ghost Recon breakpoint late last year for widespread criticism. That didn’t stop the company from adding “digit” items to the game, but that episode of Ubisoft’s fascination with NFTs was already over. There will be no more updates or items for Breakpoint, and the company is threatening, er … Promising NFTs in more games soon, according to a statement on the Quartz website.

To miss the huge interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) over the last few years, you have to live under a rock with a weak wireless reception. These crypto-enabled digital items are unique and can be bought, sold and traded as assets. This has made some of them very valuable, at least to other crypto enthusiasts. You can’t do anything with most NFT, but Ubisoft’s hook for the quartz platform is to enable you to own the items you can use in the game.

When Ubisoft announced the NFT at Breakpoint, most gamers reacted with some frustration and disinterest, but Ubisoft representatives said it was expected. The company’s line at the moment is that its customers do not understand the value of adding NFT to games, as if there is a way to add crypto investment vehicles to a game that will not be annoying. This is probably why it started with Breakpoint, which was heavily panned at the time of release, forcing Ubisoft to work again and republish the game – it didn’t lose much by crawling the NFT-filled title.

Breakpoint NFTs are listed on officially supported Rarable platforms for $ 30-40, and no one is buying.

Since the activity of the Tez blockchain is universal, we can see the trading activity of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Digit and it is a ghost town. Items are rarely sold, and those are not very expensive. So now that Ubisoft has announced that it will stop developing Breakpoint, NFT owners will not be too upset. Yes, just a few months after the first NFT transfer, the game has been abandoned. The last NFT drop was last month. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ubisoft has adopted a large number of micro-transactions, so it is not surprising that it has invested heavily in NFT. People regularly pay thousands of dollars which is basically a link to a JPEG that anyone can save by right-clicking. Something that has the functionality of a game can attract similarly big fish, even if they are only buying in-game items as an investment. Is that really good for games? I don’t want to bet. We are going to find out when Ubisoft may announce its next round of NFTs. One of its larger franchises, Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry, could easily be next.

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