Updated with support for Netflix Native TVOS 15 Media for Apple TV

Netflix has updated its Apple TV app to take advantage of the new media player that was added as part of tvOS 15 late last year.

The update doesn’t change much about the player’s functionality, but it does now at least match the other apps it uses.

With this change, the new media player displays the name of the show or movie in large text in the lower-left corner of the screen. The name of the episode will appear in small text above it, while the controls have been moved to the right of the progress bar. An info button now lives on the far left.

Access to things like subtitles and audio languages ​​is now moved to the right of those buttons – no more scrolling from the top of the screen.

The new look doesn’t look radically different because the official Apple TV player is already in use. Here we see the changes that Apple has made with the TVOS15.

It’s not clear why Apple’s tvOS 15 changes took so long to filter out in the Netflix app, but they’re slower than ever.

If you have enabled automatic updates, you already have a good chance of having this new interface – the update was published just a few days ago.

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