Verizon’s best unlimited plan isn’t new to them

Verizon’s new myPlan Wireless Plans Not great. They’re arguably the worst wireless plans in the industry right now, which I’m sure AT&T is happy to hear me say. It also doesn’t offer plans that can compete with T-Mobile’s offerings, mostly because of the included bonuses you get from T-Mo at comparable prices. Verizon had this bonus until this week! AT&T did some time ago, but I’m not sure why they dropped them

What I’m getting at here is that Verizon’s new plans really suck, but not all of their plans are terrible. Actually, the Verizon prepaid line up is kind of good. If you want direct value with all the goodies of the new myPlan Plans, look no further without Unlimited Plus Prepaid. Yes, its new plan has the same name, only in prepaid form and at much lower Rs

Verizon’s best unlimited plan is Unlimited Plus, not the only one new Unlimited Plus.

Back in October, we shared with you that Verizon did the unthinkable – they dropped prices on their prepaid line-up. That prepaid line-up still exists today, though I’m not sure for how long. For those of you who are considering switching to another plan, you might want to take a long, hard look at these.

Here’s why I think Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plus is their best.

Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plus is only $60/month If you sign up for automatic payments, otherwise it’s $70 It includes access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Broadband network with 50GB of data per month. You also get a 25GB premium mobile hotspot, unlimited access to their 5G nationwide network, and unlimited calls, texts and data to Canada and Mexico.

Unlimited Plus (Prepaid)

  • the price: $60/line single line (w/autopay)
  • 5G data: Nationwide Unlimited 5G
  • Premium 5G data: 50GB 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Mobile hotspot: 25 GB

Verizon’s new myPlan Unlimited Plus costs $80/mo And gives you unlimited 5G Ultra Broadband and 5G nationwide access, 30GB hotspot data and well, that’s a lot more. There is a discount included if you want to add a connected smartwatch or tablet, but no one needs it

Unlimited Plus (new my plan)

  • the price: $80/line single line; $45/line for 4 lines (w/autopay)
  • 5G data: Nationwide Unlimited 5G
  • Premium 5G data: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Mobile hotspot: 30GB
  • Connected device discounts: Up to 50% off
  • Home Internet Add-on: $25/month
  • Price guarantee: 3 years

So for $20 more per month, the MyPlan version of Unlimited Plus only gets you 5GB more hotspot data and unlimited 5G Ultra Broadband access. I’m telling you right now that the 50GB cap on the prepaid version is going to be more than enough for 95% of you. Check your wireless bill and see how much data you use – I bet it’s not even 10GB per month.

So what does an extra $20/month get you? In order to be able to buy the best phones like a Galaxy S23 Ultra or iPhone 14 Pro with a monthly payment plan, Verizon forces you into that myPlan Plans. If you go with a prepaid option, they basically expect you to bring your own phone or pay full price for one. I know this may be a dealbreaker for many of you, but I recommend finding an alternative way to fund a phone and then bring it with you to Verizon. In the long run, this is going to save you $20 per month and you won’t be stuck with a contract with Verizon for 3 years, which they would if you bought through them.

We don’t always like prepaid, but Verizon’s Prepaid Unlimited Plus is the best plan out there

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