Yes, the Galaxy S22 + hits that sweet spot

I really enjoyed my time with the Galaxy S22, I had no doubt in my mind that due to its battery life, it could not be my absolute go-to device in 2022. The truth is that my battery life is running out. Every day 5-6 pm was getting a little tiring. I kept telling everyone that I was waiting for myself Galaxy S22 + Coming from Samsung, because it takes them 4-5 weeks to send the colors to their exclusive store. Okay, the S22 + has finally arrived and I’m sure – it was worth the wait!

After using the Galaxy S22 + for a few weeks now, I’m happy to report that my battery problem is long gone. Compared to the 3,700mAh battery of the Galaxy S22, the S22 + has a 4,500mAh battery, which is much larger than the grand scheme. I can easily go from 6am to 10-11pm, with an average of 4-5 hours of screen time per day. For me, it’s perfect and I can’t be happier.

Coming from the Galaxy S22, the issue that worries me the most is the size of the S22 +. A big device comes with a big battery and after getting used to the perfect shape of the smaller Galaxy S22, I was a bit worried. However, now that the S22 + is in use, it’s perfectly fine in terms of size and not really much bigger than the S22.

I will continue to use Galaxy S22 + as my daily driver, I will use Pixel 6 Pro when I need Android 13 Fix. I would say, the Beta 1 feels rather smooth, so if you have a supported device, don’t be too shy to test it.

Maybe in a few months I’ll be back and give you updated tech with S22 +, but for now, I like it. Now seems to be a good time to tell you that Samsung is offering a really good trade-in for free storage upgrades and new Galaxy S22 purchases. Shake a little.

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