Yes, the price of your YouTube Premium Family plan is going up

With just over a month to go, YouTube today reminded everyone that the price of their YouTube Premium Family plan is going up in April. You’ve got one last month of that old, surprisingly reasonable price, my friends.

In October last year, Google announced that the price of the YouTube Premium Family plan was going up to $22.99 per month. This new increase will affect those on the legacy plan that is $14.99 and those on the $17.99 plan. It’s a growth that touches them all, unfortunately.

If you have the YouTube Premium Family Plan, you should receive an email today confirming that your price is increasing to the new price starting April 3rd. Below, we’ve captured some of those emails:

YouTube Premium is the new price

For those of us who are old Legacy at $14.99, that’s quite a jump. An extra $8 per month is still worth it for most of us, since YouTube ads are the worst and YouTube Music is included in the subscription, but I can also see why many people might cut the subscription. It really depends on how much you value an ad-free experience and whether or not you use YouTube Music. As for my family, I’m not sure we can survive on YouTube ads again.

A YouTube Premium Family plan allows up to 5 members to watch ad-free videos, download videos/music (including playlists), play clips offline and access YouTube Music. It was a solid service that was incredible value at $15 for a family or $8 as an individual. You tell me it is now.

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