YouTube music shares your winter recap vibe

YouTube Music apparently compiles some sort of season to tell you how you’ve spent your past few months. From Fall to Winter, they seem to have released at least two, Winter 2023 being the most recent. For those who use Google’s music streaming service, take a look.

At the crew 9to5Google shared their experience today, opening with a big splash screen that told them “Your winter recap has arrived!” As someone who hasn’t used YouTube Music for more than 15 minutes every 6 months or so, I feel kind of left out. All Spotify gives me is an annual recap, not this seasonal fun.

As you can see below, the recap plays out like a story to give you a “look back at your winter music” with top artists, tracks, playlists, albums, etc. You’ll be able to save pages from it, play your total watch time, and try connecting it to Google Photos to “see your best songs matched with your favorite photos in your musical photo album.” Again it seems I’m missing out here.

YouTube Music Winter Compilation

If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to open different screens with YouTube music and pull-to-refresh. Otherwise, it could be a slow rollout that a lucky group sees a little sooner. I looked, but again, I don’t use the app and probably don’t have anything that can be rebuilt.

Someone sold me Spotify on YouTube Music.

Google Play Link: youtube song

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