YouTube TV adds the simplest but best new feature: a clock

Perhaps there’s a silly old saying that would fit at this point, something along the lines of how to appreciate the simple things in life, but I digress. watch A Saturday and no brain the time There are many things to process beyond this smile. YouTube TV has added a clock to the Live Guide, and yes, it’s one of those additions we’re probably very happy to see.

The new watch is now rolling out on a streaming device near you As you can see from the image and tweet below, the watch will land below the YouTube TV logo and featured/recommended content above. It’s there to tell the time, so you don’t have to look at your phone or the wall clock in your living room to decide what to watch. That’s it.

For those confused as to why this is newsworthy, just know that this has to be one of the most requested features on Google’s streaming TV service (ie: here , here , and here ). This is the simplest idea and we can’t believe it hasn’t come up before now, but it’s welcome.

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Now, when you’re trying to decide what to watch and realize you’re right on time, you can see in the guide exactly what time it is and how far away you actually are from a show or movie or event. Again (!), I know this seems like a silly thing to get excited about, but it’s one of those things that should have been there from the start. No more turning to look at your microwave clock (which is probably blinking) or reach for your phone or yell at Google for the time – you can see it on the screen you want to see it on.

I don’t have it on a single device yet. I hope you do, though. You need this today.

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