YouTube TV loses a channel from its base plan

YouTube TV subscribers, we have a small channel adjustment for you to be aware of. Starting today, your YouTube TV base plan will lose one channel – Universo.

Google and YouTube TV aren’t issuing a price adjustment, they’re simply moving Universo to the Spanish Plus add-on and removing it from the base plan. I can imagine that some of you will be disappointed by this move, but unfortunately, nothing more than notice is being given here.

The change appears to be immediate and will take effect today, August 4

If you have content stored on your DVR/Library from Universo, it will last up to 9 months. If you still want to look at Universo going forward, there is currently an offer for the Spanish Plus add-on that costs $9.99/month for the first 6 months. After 6 months, it jumps to $14.99/month.

The full YouTube TV can be read below:

hi kellen,

We are writing to inform you that starting August 4, 2022, Universo will no longer be available as part of the YouTube TV base plan. However, access to any previous library recordings from this channel will remain in your account for up to 9 months without any action.

Universo will now only be available in the Spanish Plus add-on, which is currently being offered for an additional $9.99/month for your first 6 months, then $14.99/month thereafter. The Spanish Plus add-on includes 25+ channels such as ESPN Deportes, Discovery en Español and CNN en Español. As always, to view your billing or make changes to your account, go to Settings > Membership.

Thank you for your understanding and for becoming a YouTube TV member

The YouTube TV team

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