YouTube TV’s 4K add-on comes down to an incredible price for something

Over the weekend, many YouTube TV subscribers noticed that a special deal had been flagged for their accounts. For some, the deal seemed almost too good to pass up, especially if they wanted some of the highest quality content possible. I’m talking about the YouTube TV 4K add-on, which has been incredibly overpriced for most of its existence, but has been offered to select subscribers for as low as $4.99 per month.

If you checkout this Reddit thread, you’ll have no problem finding people who have been offered the YouTube TV 4K add-on promo. I can’t say I’m one of them, but many are seeing an offer that includes 24 months of service for $4.99. Others have looked at $6.99/mo or $9.99/mo.

YouTube TV’s 4K content still seems pretty limited, so paying anything more than $5 might not be worth it. The full price of $19.99/mo is not worth spending in my household, if all you get is a few sports events and some Nat Geo or FX content. I think offline viewing can be a big deal to some.

Availability of this $4.99/mo offer is unknown. As I mentioned, people noticed the price earlier in the weekend, but many YouTube TV subscribers (including myself) are only seeing the full price for the 4K add-on. This could be a brief opportunity to drop prices or Google is sick of offering core Crew promos. I’m kidding there because we really have no idea who is being targeted.

If you are offered a decent 4K price, let us know how long you have been a customer

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